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Welcome to Rota!

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Welcome to Rota!

Rota, is to be found in a privileged location on the Atlantic coast, just a few kilometres from the bay of Cadiz, in southwest Andalusia. Rota´s climate is generally mild, making any time of the year ideal for a visit. The soft ocean breeze that gently blows through the streets and the 3200+ hours of sunshine each year afford Rota a privileged situation in the south of Spain. Owing to Rota´s coastal location, the town has been a waypoint for many culures and civilizations such as the Tartesians, the Romans, the Arabs and finally the Christian.
Rota, surrounded by more than 16 km. of golden fine sandy beaches, offers delightful places for rest, leisure and sports, with beaches with spread out front of the city such as “La Costilla” and “El Rompidillo” , with beautiful boardwalks and wide and virgen beaches such as “El Chorrillo” , “Punta Candor ” surrounded by pine tree woods and “La Ballena” close to the Costa Ballena tourist complex.
Rota offers a wide program of festivities such a Carnival (February) , Holy Week (April), Spring Fair (May) , Urta Festival (August) , the Patron Saint Festivities (October)
Rota takes all the ingredients of its dishes from the fields and the sea. Among its specialties are “Urta a la Roteña” , a typical dish made with fish and products of the land , the “Urta Soup” , the “Arranque Roteño” , the “Berza” , the “Tortillas de Camarones” , the “ortiguillas” , the “Pescado Frito” , the butifarras and the “Tintilla” , a locally appreciated sweet wine.
The most Important monuments in Rota are The Luna Castle, Parish Church “Nuestra Señora de la O” and Merced Tower.

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